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Creative IT (UK) LTD
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Our IT Security Partner

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Network Security Audit

Network Security Audit Services for All Types of Businesses

Network security audit is essential for all kinds of organizations. The security audit includes security architecture, policy and vulnerability assessment. Since its inception, Creative IT has grown to become a leading provider of network security audit services in the UK - mainly focusing on the distinctive needs of those in the varied industries such as banking and financial, information and communications technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing, and insurance.
Network Security Audit
Secure Your Enterprise

As part of network security audit services, we make use of network security software and computer security tools for enterprise network security auditing, vulnerability reporting and network monitoring. We also check networks for the probability of cyber-threats such as infection from viruses or malicious attacks. Once the checking has been completed, we create a report of potential problems that were found. Our experienced team audits your web servers, routers, FTP servers, operating systems, firewalls, databases, hubs and switches and e-commerce applications so as to identify security threats and to implement corrective action.

At Creative IT, we have an excellent team of network security professionals who are capable of performing security audits on your entire network. Our network security experts provide the most comprehensive, cost-effective, full disclosure audit service available. Our network security audit services are based on industry-accepted standards and legal requirements specific to the industry.

Our Specialty

 Quality - We deliver professional, highest quality network security audit services.
 Client confidentiality
 Excellent customer support
 Complete range of security services to protect your network
 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed
 Support - We provide you 24 / 7 support
 Affordability highly affordable network security audit services

Your network security is our responsibility. Contact us today to know more about our network security audit services in the UK. To talk to one of our technical experts, please dial 020 7237 6805. Alternatively you can email us at

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