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Creative IT (UK) LTD
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Our IT Security Partner

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Wireless Network Security

Protecting your Wireless Network

Wireless network security is the prevention of damage or unauthorized access to computers using wireless networks. Today, wireless network security has become a major requirement, especially for those who rely on wireless internet access for communication.

Wireless Network SecurityBased on how your wireless network is configured, malicious intruders may gain complete access to your home or business computer and networks, in so doing disable or disrupt operations. Donít be panic. Creative IT is at your service. As a recognized provider of network security services, we can provide you with fast, professional and cost-effective wireless network security services by which we our team will evaluate your wireless networks and identify misconfigurations and weak security protocols which allow for easy unauthorized access.

Reduce the Risks Of Wireless Technology

Creative ITís award-winning wireless network security solutions and cutting edge techniques to protect our customersí business applications from all kind of Internet-borne threats. Our varied list of clientele includes prominent organizations in various industries such as banking and financial services, healthcare, schools, telecommunications, government organizations, manufacturing, and public utilities.

All the vulnerabilities that are likely to occur in a conventional wired network apply to a wireless network too. As part of wireless network security services, Creative IT provides complete protection to safeguard your company's confidential data and communications.

Wireless Network Security Protects Your Business

Our team of highly skilled network security experts enhances wireless network security with strong authentication and passwords that cannot be stolen or guessed. Also, they try to improve wireless network security by interoperating with Virtual Private Network, thus permitting you to create a secure wireless tunnel from a user to a trusted network. Using technically advanced firewalls, we help you to restrict unnecessary traffic that may occur in wireless networks.

At Creative IT, we provide a high level of access, ease of use, and perfect authentication to make your wireless network a strong one. Contact us today at 020 7237 6805 for more information on our wireless network security services. Or else you can mail us at to be familiar with how our security services can help you protect your wireless networks.

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